LG G7 UK price, release date and specs rumours: LG denies delay of its next flagship phone


The LG G7, which was apparently delayed by LG vice chairman Jo Seong-jin, is delayed no more! According to LG, that is.

After news broke last week, via  about the LG G7 being delayed, the South Korean manufacturer issued a statement to Android Central rebuffing the claims. Having apparently delayed the LG G7 due to being disappointed with its design, LG’s statement claimed that “the successor to the G6 is on schedule and the official name will be announced when the time is right. Until then, reports of a decision being made on the timing and name are all speculative.”

You may have noticed that, hidden among that statement, lies another tidbit of news – the LG G7 may not even be called the G7 at all. According to reports, LG is planning to ditch the “G” branding and switch to something different for the G6’s successor. Plans are to use two numbers instead of one, so it doesn’t seem outdated compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

There’s also rumours that the LG G7 could be the rumoured LG folding phone whose plans have appeared online. Chances are, this late in the day, it won’t be – but people do love to speculate.

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For everything you need to know about the LG G7, read our guide to all the latest news and rumours below.

LG G7: Everything you need to know about LG’s next flagship

LG G7 UK price and release date: When will the LG G7 come out?

High-end smartphones are packing ever-increasing RRPs. The LG G6 launched at £650, and Samsung Galaxy S8 at £680. Since these have dropped in price to around £370 and £520 respectively. Following on from Apple’s event on 12 September, with the iPhone 8 starting at £699, iPhone 8 Plus from £799, and iPhone X at a ridiculously high £999, smartphone prices are on a hike.

We’d take a stab at the LG G7 sitting anywhere between £600-800. We’ll update this article as more is known about the LG G7.

In terms of its release date, we initially expected it to launch at MWC 2018, in Barcelona, the tech event that takes place every February. However, according to recent rumours, it seems that Jo Seong-jin, Vice Chairman and CEO of LG Electronics has ordered a full redesign of the phone – pushing back the release date to April 2018.

However, with the release of the LG V30 still fresh off from the South Korean manufacturer, we might even see the G7 pushed back to 2019. Only time will tell.

^ Pictured: LG V30 display

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LG G7 specs: What to expect from the LG G7

The big news for the rumoured LG G7 handset – and we’re pretty sceptical about this – is that it will reportedly have 5G functionality. That’s right, the LG G7 is said to bolster 5G modems, meaning the potential for superfast data speeds should linger inside LG’s next flagship.

This report comes from Business Korea and goes as far to suggest 5G might be the unique selling point for the LG G7 when it launches. However, 5G is still very much a work in progress so this won’t mean much yet in the UK as we won’t have the infrastructure in place.

The same report also sheds light on the Samsung’s Galaxy S9. Business Korea says the Samsung Galaxy S9 will similarly pack 5G connectivity, indicating the two South Korean companies will go head-to-head in this department.

Business Korea’s claim is a little more thought out, stating that the 5G specs mean it will contain a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem.

^ Pictured: LG V30 camera

Smartphone cameras are handy for taking high-quality snaps. A lot of competition has grown in the market for the best smartphone camera, especially after the Google Pixel (and Pixel 2) took things to another level with its post-processing capabilities. The LG V30 has dual cameras with a 16-megapixel f/1.6 and 12-megapixel f/1.9 lenses. We expect a slight bump in specs, with more pixels and a better aperture.

There’s not much information regarding the LG G7’s power, but we’ve done some crawling on the web and can bring you a few predictions about the sort of processor the LG G7 will have.

We presume it’ll run on Qualcomm’s latest chip. At the time of writing that’s the recently announced Snapdragon 845. The 845 brings a faster performance, better efficiency and better graphics capabilities over the 835. We will also likely see the G7 running on Android 8 Oreo, as the new operating system was announced in mid-2017.

Given the LG V30 ships with 64GB of internal memory and a slot to expand memory to 256GB – we see the LG G7 supporting the same storage capabilities.

With the improvements of the Snapdragon 845 processor, come better camera capabilities. The Spectra 280, a new image signal processor supports faster 60fps at up to 16-megapixels, which means any phone with an 845 processor should perform better under low-light conditions.

There are rumours that indicate the G7 will feature an iris sensor – a feature Samsung has included in its Galaxy S8 already. LG has yet to include any other biometric parameters other than its fingerprint sensor, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see these patents come to life in the upcoming G7.

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LG G7 display: A redesigned AMOLED screen?

Details regarding the display are just as dry. In May, LG revealed a fingerprint sensor will sit under the glass display, thus not needing its own dedicated button. For those wondering, it’ll free up space on the device.

Removing and replacing the fingerprint sensor to have it built-into the screen would differentiate the device from similar devices. While we currently don’t know much about the display, it’s safe to assume LG will continue with the full glass front.

That said, LG reshaping the screen is certainly a possibility. Samsung and LG are already leading the charge on bezel-less smartphones. Apple recently removed its physical button in favour of Face ID, a means of unlocking your device with facial recognition.

It’s safe to assume LG will follow this trend and launch the LG G7 with as much glass and as little bezel on the front of the device.