Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Tips

A kitchen is more than just a stunning backsplash and gorgeous kitchen stone hoods. Integrate these thoughtful tips when planning your kitchen remodel for a space that is functional and easy to work and live in.

Everybody values their kitchen, it is one of the most highly regarded things to consider when a house goes for sale, consider yourself in a situation where you want to buy a house, wouldn’t the kitchen be an important factor for you? Whether your kitchen is the heart of your home, busy cooking station or your house is rental property a kitchen can either make or break the situation.

Here are 5 top tips of you are looking into remodeling your kitchen:

1) If a complete remodeling is out of questions, then here are some quick fixes.

  • Upgrade appliances – A sparkling new cook top, dishwasher, toaster or fridge not only looks fantastic but will be a pleasure to use. If it’s for a rental property you can claim depreciation on permanent fixtures.
  • Replace kitchen stone hoods– if the kitchen joinery is in reasonable condition, replace the kitchen stone hoods. They are one of the most visible and most used features of any kitchen and offer the opportunity to make a design statement.
  • Replace joinery and lighting – Consider replacing the cupboard doors and drawer fronts for an immediate visual lift. Updated lighting will modernize the kitchen and can be used as a design feature. Joinery that is in decent condition may benefit from a fresh paint job.

2) Eliminate Wasted Steps
Think about how and where you use kitchen items. Store breakfast foods and bowls near the breakfast table. Keep wraps and plastic containers in one handy spot near a work surface for wrapping leftovers. Locate dishware and flatware near the dishwasher to ease the process of unloading. It’s all about having the right place for everything and not wasting space.

The kitchen’s aesthetic and floor plan will be dictated by where it’s located and the size of your home. If it’s on show versus being tucked around a corner, that starts to direct how you design your kitchen.

If you’ve got a generous-sized three-bedroom apartment, then you don’t necessarily want to be viewing the kitchen from the living space it’s big enough to have the kitchen as a separate room. But in a studio apartment you are forced to integrate the kitchen as a part of the living area

3) Consider an Island bench
An island bench is a key inclusion. The kitchens that work better are the ones where you have a formal cooking line and an island in the middle. They’ve got a circular rhythm to them – working around that central island table.

4) Choose the right appliances
Big brands normally offer better services when it comes to appliances; it is also worth considering buying all in the same brand. This way the set will match – details such as dials, railings and overall geometry will be consistent, and you may be able to obtain a discount.

5) Consider your flooring options
See the floor flow throughout the space so it is all connected, rather than having it as a separate surface just in that zone.”
Make sure you allow at least four weeks for the renovation of your kitchen, excluding planning and design time.
Also the materials you sue will make a big difference, because imagine having the apartment up for rents and your floors start to get moulds. Even though high quality flooring materials may be expensive, it is totally worth it. Imagine having to go through the hassle to putting in all new kitchen fittings.